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There's Fast Food, There is Walk and Hog
Welcome to Walk and Hog, where fast food meets convenience and hygiene without compromising on taste. A hotspot curated for those seeking tasty, affordable, and hygienic quick bites, catering to working professionals, nuclear families, and individuals on the move.

Your Destination for Quick, Affordable Delights
Walk and Hog is designed to cater to the needs of those seeking quick yet fulfilling snacks at affordable prices. We offer a wide range of snacking options that satiate hunger pangs while ensuring impeccable hygiene standards.

Modern Indian Eatery with Ready-to-Eat Delicacies
Our plush modern Indian eatery specializes in serving authentic cuisines presented in exciting combos. Walk and Hog's prepacked combo meals—such as Rajma Chawal, Chole Rice, Thai Curry Rice, Fried Rice Manchurian, and more—are perfect for quick get-togethers, events, or even when you're on the move and craving a satisfying meal.

Convenience Without Compromise
We understand the need for convenience without compromising on taste or hygiene. Walk and Hog's ready-to-eat delicacies offer a hassle-free dining experience, ensuring that every meal is both flavorful and safe.

Ready-to-Eat Combos for Every Occasion

At Walk and Hog, we believe in providing quality meals that don't break the bank. Our combo meals are curated to deliver a balance of authentic flavors, affordability, and convenience, making every visit a delightful and satisfying experience.

Whether it's a quick meal for yourself, a small get-together, or an event that requires hassle-free catering, Walk and Hog's prepacked combo meals offer a range of options to suit various tastes and occasions.