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Driveaway Your Hunger Pangs
Welcome to Gabbar Ke Samose, where we drive away hunger pangs with Mumbai's favorite pocket-friendly snack—the ever-reliable Samosa. Perfect for those seeking something quick, affordable, and utterly satisfying.

A Mumbai Icon Goes Global Gabbar Ke Samose introduces an innovative concept that champions the idea of food on the go, emphasizing utmost hygiene, safety, and affordability. We've transformed India's most beloved street food, the Samosa, into a global savory delight, ensuring quality standards that cater to everyone.

Samosas for Every Palate
Our menu boasts a variety of Samosas that cater to diverse tastes. From the classic potato-filled Samosa to innovative fillings like paneer, spicy veggies, and even dessert-inspired flavors, Gabbar Ke Samose offers an array of choices, ensuring there's something for every Samosa enthusiast.

The QSR On-the-Go Concept
Gabbar Ke Samose embodies the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) concept designed for those on the move. Our commitment to hygiene and quality means that our Samosas are served in small, convenient boxes, ensuring they remain hot, fresh, and easily accessible, whether on expressways or at traffic signals.

Satisfy Your Cravings, Pocket-Friendly

Gabbar Ke Samose promises to satisfy your cravings without denting your wallet. Our commitment to providing affordable, quality snacks ensures that you can indulge in hot and delicious Samosas without worrying about breaking the bank.

We invite you to join Gabbar Ke Samose on this delightful journey of transforming street food into global savories. Whether you're a fan of classic flavors or eager to explore innovative Samosa fillings, our QSR concept ensures a satisfying and affordable snacking experience.